The right SEO can get you seen.
SEO Services That Get Results
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We are Search Engine Optimization Experts

SEO and search engine marketing are complex, and with more companies understanding the value of a solid internet marketing strategy that includes a mix of SEO, SEM, PPC, social media and content creation, the web is becoming a much tougher place for small businesses to stand out in the forest. That’s where we come in.

The right SEO can get you seen.

The wrong SEO can leave you in a deep, dark cave.

Stuffing a bunch of keywords onto a page isn’t good SEO. And, as internet marketing experts and one of the top SEO companies in Atlanta, we know this. We can help you make smart keyword choices and optimize those to your advantage. We also know that while we want your website to be found by search engines, it’s real people who’ll be navigating your site and reading the content, so it’s vital that it is responsive and that the content is useful, worthwhile and valuable.

The more people who connect with your site using keywords, the more search engines are likely to trust you when referring others searching with those same words. Think of SEO as one big game of “who do you know?” for search engines.

Since the majority of searchers are likely to click through to one of the first five suggestions on the search engine results page, you need to be in a top position. Consider about your competitors: if they rank higher than you in search results for your industry-related terms, they are more likely to get those coveted clicks, customers, and sales.

SEO Services Include

  • Keyword Research
  • A/B Testing
  • Website Analytics & Tracking
  • Website Maintenance & Improvements
  • Header & ALT Tags
  • Blog Posts
  • Guest Blogs
  • Content Creation
  • Email Marketing
  • Link Building
  • Social Media
  • On-page SEO
  • Reputation Management
  • Digital Maps
  • Consumer Forums

SEO requires both technical and creative elements working together to improve your rankings, increase awareness and drive traffic. We approach search engine optimization from an internet marketing perspective so it seamlessly integrates with your content strategy and social media marketing. We also know that SEO can’t solve your all of your rankings issues if you don’t have a user-friendly website and good content. So before you launch an SEO strategy, let’s make sure your site is in great shape and content are strong.

Full Website Audit

Every SEO strategy, whether it’s for small businesses or large ones, begins with a free audit of your website. This comprehensive review will provide suggestions for on-page SEO as well as insights into any technical issues that may be keeping your website from achieving high rankings with search engines. Our assessments analyze all the important features of your website, from on-page SEO, design, U/X, U/I, indexing and keyword placements. This will help us to pinpoint the loopholes, if any, and suggest a follow-up plan accordingly.

Magneton Tech Design is one of the best Atlanta SEO companies and can help you build robust and SEO-friendly websites from the ground up. Don’t need a brand new site? We’re also here to help give your current site a spruce up to project your business philosophy.

After the SEO Audit

Our next steps are keyword research. How will your next customer find your business? We’ll develop a keyword analysis for your business so you can see what search terms people are using and where you (and your competitors) rank when those terms are searched. From there, we’ll develop a strategy that can include SEO, SEM, PPC, social media, paid social, content marketing, and more to get you top rankings on those terms. We’ll create content for your website that explains who you are and what you do using the right keywords. We’ll also make sure this message is consistent across your social media platforms and any other brand communications. There’s also a lot of technical stuff we’ll do as well behind the scenes to improve your performance with the search engine algorithms.

Reporting & Dashboards

With SEO management services, it’s imperative to have comprehensive monthly reporting showing your results. As Google Partners, Magneton Tech Design can provide comprehensive analytics tools that measure everything from keyword rankings to which phrases lead your visitors to mailing list signups or purchasing a product. As an Atlanta-based SEO management company, we can help you methodically keep track of all online marketing activities and key metrics. We employ industry recommended and trusted tools to give you an accurate picture of the performance of your site and your SEO marketing campaigns.

SEO Services That Get Results

We are a results-driven Atlanta SEO company, and voted a top Atlanta SEO expert. We’ll A/B test to see what works best, measure ROI by conversions, and adjust campaigns appropriately from month to month. Reporting gives you the numbers but interpreting the patterns in traffic, increases in links, and growth in revenue requires digital marketing expertise. Translating those metrics into results and actionable steps is exactly what Magneton Tech can do for you

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Interactive 3D Walkthroughs a smooth experience.

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Google Street View photography with the listing.

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Google My Business Listing with good quality content.

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Supported by cool characters, Relatable to your business and Compelling to the audience. Nothing can beat 2D Animated Explainer Video.

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Professional touch,
Illustrated animation,
Pocket friendly,
Whiteboard animation converts your ideas to visual form.

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